Buon viaggio, Amore Mio

My husband, Mario Caramel passed away yesterday after a five-year battle with cancer. He was everything to me. Everything. The only thing we ever wanted was to spend as much time together as humanly possible. We were together 24 hours a day for almost 13 years. Now the idea that I’m never going to be able to hug him again, I’ll never again see the way he lights up when I enter the room – is ripping me apart.

Please do me a favor today and go to your loved ones and give them the hug that I can no longer give mine.

Mario Caramel 1960 -2021

Elpidiani – Hidden in plain sight

Nature observes us with all eyes from the confinement where we forced it.

A memory of Mario by Adedeji Adetayo

During my trip while relocating to Greece, after hours of delay at Schipol airport, I was angry for the way I was treated and thinking about my next journey to the “unknown “ then I saw a man gently meditating with a Coltrane T-Shirt! I asked if he was a musician and where he was going? He said yes I’m a saxophone player and I’m going to Greece, “Coincidentally” we sat next to each other after we boarded the plane .. we got talking and from that moment on, I had a good feeling about my decision to relocate to Greece. He became a great friend we played several gigs together, as a matter of fact, some of my first paid gigs in Athens was from him.. that man is Mario Caramel and I’m saddened to hear about your death my good friend but I’m glad we kept in touch even after you left Greece! Rest in peace Mario! Felicia Porter, I wish you the strength to bear the loss! Be strong

A memory of Mario by Carlo Lomazzi

I lived on a boat with Mario (and Sonia) from June 1984 to December 1985. We chartered in Turkey based in Rhodes, Antilles based in Martinique. He was the skipper, I was the sailor. He is perhaps the person with whom, apart from Lorenza (with whom I have shared my life for 45 years), I have lived continuously longer, about a year and a half! I had met him when he was still little more than a boy with wonderful long blond hair and frequented the “commune” of Palazzo Esedra where I lived. Then, after that shared time, everyone took different paths, remaining friends, being in contact from time to time, and meeting us every now and then. The intense experience of Elisa (65 feet by German Frers) was, over time, sucked into an increasingly distant past that I occasionally thought with tenderness. but as if everything had happened in another life …Now the news: Mario, Ciccio is gone. Suddenly I am overwhelmed by a number of memories, images, moments spent together, shared emotions, and furious arguments (when he was angry he was really tough) but always united and in solidarity in what was being done together. Everything seems to have happened yesterday. And the friend, the formidable man of the sea, with an almost animalistic sensitivity to winds, waves, clouds, the hungry for life appears to me, calls me, and does not let me sleep.
Hello Ciccio, may the earth be light to you.

A thought of Mario by Marina Fini

You have faced the most treacherous and unpredictable of storms
You have not dismasted, you have only gently lowered the sails.
Now, Captain, you may rest.

In hard times

To the sick give comfort more than opinions and advice

The Olympics

How wonderful are sports, European football, the Olympics, fair play, the pure commitment of the athletes, their ability to concentrate, the example of integrity they give to the new generations. But there is a discordant note that irreparably ruins all this: the planet is sadly divided into many stupid little states that compete with each other to see who is better, stronger, richer. All this unbridled nationalism aimed at controlling the citizens through useless pride also ruins the pure soul of the athletes. All these national anthems, ours then: “we are ready to die, we are ready to die Italy called”. But why are we ready to die, do we want to bring up the war now too? I can’t even hear it. And then seeing these young athletes, perhaps arrived from afar in a country where the ius soli is considered madness, singing it with love tightens my heart, saddens me, takes away all hope. Apart from the fact that I do not understand why our anthem has to bring up the war when it could talk about art, philosophy and many other wonders, I dream of a world in which a universal anthem is played at the awarding of every athlete that raises everyone’s spirits by instilling union. and not division and until I see it, that is, never, I will not be able to love sports as I would like.