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Mario Caramel
1960 - 2021

"Your greatest work of art is your own life."

My husband Mario Caramel passed away September 8th after a long battle with cancer.
He was everything to me. Everything. They only thing we ever wanted was to spend as much time togather as humanly possible. We were together 24 hours a day for almost 13 years.
And he will be with me with every breath
for the rest of my life.

Categoria Libri Foto

"I do not identify with any group, nationality or ethnicity. Mine is a universal identity: even an alien from another planet is potentially my brother. And yet, paradoxically, precisely this not identifying myself, this accepting everyone as potential brothers, distinguishes me from others. "
"Flags and bell towers comfort and cause pride in those cowardly minds who fear infinity"

Categoria Libri Foto
Categoria Libri Foto

"If you wait for the world to understand you, you will die misunderstood. It is not the job of the world to understand you, it is your job to understand the world and find your place while remaining true to yourself. The job of the world would be to accept you for who you are without understanding yourself, but that's another story. "

Categoria Libri Foto
Categoria Libri Foto

"We think that a cicada is less responsible than an ant just because we forget the inestimable value of dedicating one's time to singing and music, one of the highest activities there is, precious nourishment for the soul. Long live the cicada!!"

Categoria Libri Foto
Categoria Libri Foto

"Looking at the starry sky is comforting, it is often also a way to find answers to profound questions because, although we are all a bit confused by finite and material desires, the true aspiration of the human soul is the infinite."

Categoria Libri Foto
Categoria Libri Foto

- You can choose to be yourself if you want, nobody can stop you my boy. But remember, if you do, you will have forever against you all those who have not had the same courage. They will want to make you pay for not blending in, for being braver than them. -
- Forever? -
- Being oneself is seen by most as a very serious crime. -
- Like committing murder? -
- They will forever blame you for having buried themselves. -

Categoria Libri Foto
Categoria Libri Foto

"Just like that little mouse who has just crossed the road, I too am nothing more than a drop of divine rain. We are all many drops of the same rain. The mouse is a drop that perhaps in its fall has ended up in the mud, for which he will have to spend his whole life on all fours sniffing the ground. I, on the other hand, think I was luckier and perhaps I fell into a lake, although I often feel entangled by schools of insidious algae as desires that seem to want to pull me down towards the lake. Each of us, falling from the sky like a drop of rain, has had a body and an identity that have guaranteed him different opportunities, some more and some less, but we all have the same task: Living a life that always lightens us more from the bodily limits and that allows us, when our time comes, to evaporate once and for all and to become only Pure Consciousness, whic is what we have always been. "

Categoria Libri Foto

"And there, in the end, there is only love."

-Mario Caramel

Memories / Thoughts

riga bianca

Marina Fini

You have faced the most treacherous and unpredictable of storms
You have not dismasted, you have only gently lowered the sails.
Now, Captain, you may rest.

Carlo Lomazzi

I lived on a boat with Mario (and Sonia) from June 1984 to December 1985. We chartered in Turkey based in Rhodes, Antilles based in Martinique. He was the skipper, I was the sailor. He is perhaps the person with whom, apart from Lorenza (with whom I have shared my life for 45 years), I have lived continuously longer, about a year and a half! I had met him when he was still little more than a boy with wonderful long blond hair and frequented the "commune" of Palazzo Esedra where I lived. Then, after that shared time, everyone took different paths, remaining friends, being in contact from time to time and meeting us every now and then. The intense experience of Elisa (65 feet by German Frers) was, over time, sucked into an increasingly distant past that I occasionally thought with tenderness. but as if everything had happened in another life ... .. Now the news: Mario, Ciccio is gone. Suddenly I am overwhelmed by a quantity of memories, images, moments spent together, shared emotions and furious arguments (when he was angry he was really tough) but always united and in solidarity in what was being done together. Everything seems to have happened yesterday. And the friend, the formidable man of the sea, with an almost animalistic sensitivity to winds, waves, clouds, the hungry for life appears to me, calls me and does not let me sleep.
Hello Ciccio, may the earth be light to you.

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