A memory of Mario by Adedeji Adetayo

During my trip while relocating to Greece, after hours of delay at Schipol airport, I was angry for the way I was treated and thinking about my next journey to the “unknown “ then I saw a man gently meditating with a Coltrane T-Shirt! I asked if he was a musician and where he was going? He said yes I’m a saxophone player and I’m going to Greece, “Coincidentally” we sat next to each other after we boarded the plane .. we got talking and from that moment on, I had a good feeling about my decision to relocate to Greece. He became a great friend we played several gigs together, as a matter of fact, some of my first paid gigs in Athens was from him.. that man is Mario Caramel and I’m saddened to hear about your death my good friend but I’m glad we kept in touch even after you left Greece! Rest in peace Mario! Felicia Porter, I wish you the strength to bear the loss! Be strong