A memory of Mario by Carlo Lomazzi

I lived on a boat with Mario (and Sonia) from June 1984 to December 1985. We chartered in Turkey based in Rhodes, Antilles based in Martinique. He was the skipper, I was the sailor. He is perhaps the person with whom, apart from Lorenza (with whom I have shared my life for 45 years), I have lived continuously longer, about a year and a half! I had met him when he was still little more than a boy with wonderful long blond hair and frequented the “commune” of Palazzo Esedra where I lived. Then, after that shared time, everyone took different paths, remaining friends, being in contact from time to time, and meeting us every now and then. The intense experience of Elisa (65 feet by German Frers) was, over time, sucked into an increasingly distant past that I occasionally thought with tenderness. but as if everything had happened in another life …Now the news: Mario, Ciccio is gone. Suddenly I am overwhelmed by a number of memories, images, moments spent together, shared emotions, and furious arguments (when he was angry he was really tough) but always united and in solidarity in what was being done together. Everything seems to have happened yesterday. And the friend, the formidable man of the sea, with an almost animalistic sensitivity to winds, waves, clouds, the hungry for life appears to me, calls me, and does not let me sleep.
Hello Ciccio, may the earth be light to you.