The Olympics

How wonderful are sports, European football, the Olympics, fair play, the pure commitment of the athletes, their ability to concentrate, the example of integrity they give to the new generations. But there is a discordant note that irreparably ruins all this: the planet is sadly divided into many stupid little states that compete with each other to see who is better, stronger, richer. All this unbridled nationalism aimed at controlling the citizens through useless pride also ruins the pure soul of the athletes. All these national anthems, ours then: “we are ready to die, we are ready to die Italy called”. But why are we ready to die, do we want to bring up the war now too? I can’t even hear it. And then seeing these young athletes, perhaps arrived from afar in a country where the ius soli is considered madness, singing it with love tightens my heart, saddens me, takes away all hope. Apart from the fact that I do not understand why our anthem has to bring up the war when it could talk about art, philosophy and many other wonders, I dream of a world in which a universal anthem is played at the awarding of every athlete that raises everyone’s spirits by instilling union. and not division and until I see it, that is, never, I will not be able to love sports as I would like.